Kitsap Farm Day Camp
KITSAP FARM CAMP is suspended for the remainder of Summer 2016. Have a great summer and see you in 2017!

Imagine the perfect summer day . . .

playing in the wild woods, planting a garden, chasing butterflies, and making new friends. This perfect summer day happens at Kitsap Farm Camp, located at Pheasant Fields Farm in Silverdale.


And right in the middle of this perfect summer day are lessons. Lessons at camp are learned naturally through fun experiences, without even knowing that you're studying. Campers learn where their good healthy food comes from!

KITSAP FARM CAMP, where happy campers return year after year.

We opened in 2004, and since then, more than half of our campers each year are kids coming back for more fun! 

Contact Kitsap Farm Camp:
(360) 479-3117